We’re so good at building pipelines.

Today I hope I took my own first step in breaking the school to prison pipeline. I took my new friend Dava to see her son, who is in this incredible program to get kids who have fucked up (many who have experience trauma) a space to breath and find some peace.

I met Dominic there, and we started talking about someone who was shot by police a few days ago in his community. I told him that I know of someone who pulls over as a witness when she’s driving and sees black men stopped by the police. I pledged that I will do that too.

In New Jersey, we have two gas pipelines planned. Some through sacred land. My niece just learned about the Lenni-Lenape in school but the teacher forgot to tell her that the Lenni-Lenape still exist today. I showed her the facebook pictures of the Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp where Ramapough water protectors are being fined by the local township for camping on their own land.

Posted by Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp on Saturday, January 28, 2017


You can donate to their legal fund now.